The Wow Effect

The last couple months, I have been looking in depth at all of the pictures in my portfolio looking if they still had a Wow effect with me. Spent looking at other photographers work that caught my eye, Wondering why their photograph caught my eye. Majority photographers I have found that have their own style tends to get a wow from me. What do I mean by a “The WOW Effect”: is a picture or painting that just stops you in your tracks as you see the image and you can’t get your eyes off of it. All you can say is “WOW”! What makes this photograph so special to stop you in your tracks and say wow? Was it the technique that was used or the story behind it?

You can say I am journey right now for that WOW Effect with my photography. Being a photographer I to try grow my skill and push the limits. So how will I get the wow effect? Learn from others and move forward!