Decided to Vote Early this Week

Decided to Vote Early this Week

Who to vote for has been a big discussion in our house the last couple months. Watching the debates and then getting a laugh from the SNL skits Saturday night. Not being thrilled with the presidential candidates that are currently running. The day arrived that I would have time to do an early vote. I knew who I was voting for in our state and local government. I had every intent on writing in a name for President when getting to the voting booth.

Going over the list one more time, I hear facebook bell from my laptop. You can say my gut feeling was telling me to check out the post. By my surprise, my friend posted a video about his view of the election. You can say he had a heavy heart when he was making the video. After watching, I realized I needed to choose one of the two presidential candidates. Choosing a 3rd party or a write-in ballot would not accomplish anything since they have no chance of winning this election. There is a lot at stake in this election.

I stare at the door in my car and start to pray. For guidance to make the right choice. Like the last presidential race each candidate was flawed. You can say this is the one that we will all remember and tell our kids.

15 minutes later, Feeling I felt good on who I voted for state and local level. As for who I voted for President I prayed for them and put trust in God.

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