Trump is in the House, The Start of his first 100 Days

Trump is in the House, The Start of his first 100 Days

It’s official Trump is in the White House!

Today is not my usual day or type of blog I usually post. Since today is January 20th, 2017 Presidential Inauguration Day. I just felt like posting today.

There is enough press on Donald Trump no need for me to start. If you listened to his speech, he did not hold back the punches with the politicians (Priceless on facial expressions from the politicians behind Trump) and thanked the people. Trump says it will be America first and he will fight for us. His speech geared on rebuilding America. He finished up with his slogan. We will make America Great Again.

We will see what he does in the first 100 days in Office. Last night not surprising there was a pre-inauguration protest in front of the Trump hotel with many celebrities speaking their minds and concerns of Trumps first hundred days in office. 

So let’s go over some of the key points from his campaign, From his 100-day plan document and news feed we have heard, or read:

Click here go to the Link to Donald Trump 100 day plan

* Repeal Obamacare seems to be his first target. Continuously repeated in the debates and his campaign. Wondering when my wife and I will start getting emails from work regarding health care benefits.

* The WALL! The beautiful Mexican wall. Between us and Mexico. I guess I won’t be able to take a picture of Mexico from Texas. But I will get a great photograph of a wall.

* End of the Offshoring Act. I see a double edge sword with this. Let stick with the positive it would bring jobs back to the American people.

Make America Great Again- If I remember that was Ronald Reagan slogan, and I thought America was already great!

The list goes on. If you have not had a chance to read the 100-day Trump plan yet, I encourage you to click on this link to go over it, so you are informed of his plans!

Watching news today something also hit me with Trump since his background as businessman versus a politician. He will be out of his comfort zone. Usually, a businessman has a select group of people they only trust when it comes to running their business. He has to learn to trust lot more people now in the white house.

What will I do on this Inauguration Day? PRAY for our Nation and our new President. I will pray that he will listen to the people, His advisors when it comes to international affairs, Make the right decisions, and the list goes on. I will do my part on getting involved in my community and do my part on standing up for what I believe! What will you do? Sure I get angry once in a while with the decisions of our President and with our local politicians, but I still pray for them. We still have our freedom, and we will make it through the next four years with Trump. We have weathered through the good and bad presidents this won’t be any different.


Donald Trump: What the incoming President’s first day in office could look like

Trump’s plan for first 100 days in office

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