Pro lens on cheap camera or high end camera with cheap lens

Pro lens on cheap camera or high end camera with cheap lens

What is more important me the camera body or lens? Answer my lenses! Surprisingly, most of my lenses cost the same or more than my camera body. Camera bodies come and go. I can use my lenses on my entry level and pro camera. I get the same pro picture results because of the lens. The only difference between the entry level and the pro camera is the price and features. Perfect example, I was taking pictures at marching band competition I was using used Canon 5D that I bought the day before using a low end 70-200 zoom f4 lens. My camera had limitations with little light. All the other photographers were shooting with the latest Canon 5D Mark III with the beautiful Canon 70-200 f2.8 L glass II at the time that could handle low light better.  I was about to tear down my camera, and the lead photographer saw me starting put my gear away.  He loaned me his Canon 300MM f 2.8 L glass. Now this lens what not light and I was glad I had my monopod and happy that the lens had a neck strap. My old 5D was getting pictures like the pros. The lens helped the low light issue. The pictures were sharp without a flash with excellent depth of field. Pictures below are from that band competition.

Good lenses will usually outlast the camera. When I used to use the Canon camera system, I went through 3 different bodies but still used the same high-end lenses for each camera body. Eventually, my should has had issues, and I could not handle the heavy lenses and changed over to a mirrorless camera system that was lighter and smaller. I bought an entry-level mirrorless camera that worked for me. Focused on the saving for the pro lenses I liked. Once I got the pro lenses I was happy with then I got the pro camera body. Digitalrev did a video just over 6 six years ago titled Pro DSLR + Cheapo Lens vs. “Cheapo” DSLR + Pro Lens.  This video did a good job on explaining how important good lens is for any camera. Enjoy the video and keep taking pictures!


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