Neewer 35mm F1.7 Low Cost Sony E mount lens alternative

Neewer 35mm F1.7 Low Cost Sony E mount lens alternative

There is a lot of great lenses for the Sony NEX, a5000, and a6000 series cameras. Most of the Sony entry level prime 35mm lenses start from $450. Neewer offers lower cost option the Neewer 35mm f1.7 for Sony APS-C E-mounts. This lens built like a tank, the focus and aperture ring is as smooth as butter. 6 elements in 5 groups with multi-coating with a price tag starting at $128. It is a manual lens, and you will need to set your Sony functions to take pictures without the lens since this lens does not have electronic sensors and the peaking will also need to be enabled. This lens takes practice to use.

Feel: The glass gave that same feeling from when I used to shoot with the old film cameras and brought the fun back when I took pictures with film.
Quality: Once you master the focus and get used manually controlling your aperture you get some beautiful pictures now this lens is no Sony lens, and it is a tad soft, but it gives the film feel. It gives a depth of field for portraits. Neewer says this lens is for portraits and landscapes. My opinion this lens is more geared for portraits not really for landscapes.

For video shooters, this is a great lens to add to your glass collection since the aperture and focus rings move smoothly.

The issue I had with this glass was the f-stop markings there was no gap from f8 to f22, but I learned how to adapt to it.

My rating opinion:
Build Quality 9: The lens is like a mini tank. Focus and f-stop rings are smooth. The mount is metal. The only reason why I don’t give it a 10 is that it’s not weather sealed.

Ease of use 9.5: I found the lens was easy to use with a smooth focus ring and working with the peaking on the camera I was able to focus pretty well.

Picture Quality 8: Overall the pictures quality was good but a little soft. I was using a Sony 5100, and I had a friend use it with his Sony A6300. We were both in agreement with the quality. The is lens is good for portraits and video. Softness was just right for portrait use.

Value 10: This is an excellent value for quality and images you get from this lens.

Overall the Neewer 35MM f1.7 lens is an excellent low-cost prime lens alternative for a low cost. Outstanding build quality and good image quality for the price this one lens to consider if you are trying to save money.

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